Setting up F# to bu used in Ubuntu with F#


Because of I’m curious about technology, I’ve decide share some links and comments about it.
In general the process is simple:

1. Download the F# distribution from microsoft site or codeplex
Uncompress and run the install script 😉

2. You can also download the additional scripts.
Same procedure from http://fsxplat.codeplex.com/, the installation is similar uncompress and run the installation script. There is a chance where you can get the following error:

install-bonus.sh: 28: Syntax error: “(” unexpected (expecting “}”)

If so, change the first line from
#! /bin/sh -e
#!/bin/bash -e
source: http://askubuntu.com/questions/21100/problem-with-script-substitution-when-running-script

I’ll assume you’ve already MonoDevelop installed, so. Make sure you’re following all the pre requisites to make F# work on mono:


At last but not least, you can install the add-in for mono

A good amount of steps can be located at http://functional-variations.net/monodevelop/ , or you can try just by adding the repository and install it 😉 (repository http://functional-variations.net/addin )

and pretty much that it. if you want to see a video, there is one available at http://functional-variations.net/crossplatform/.

Microsoft Research has published a side dedicated to teach FSharp at http://www.tryfsharp.org/

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