Getting to know Microsoft Windows Phone 7

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As most of you might already know , Windows Phone 7 (WM7) is one of the most expected releases from Microsoft to the World. And It’s expected to be a good competitor for very strong platforms such as IPhone or Android. IMHO, the success of this platform will depend on the software available on this platform.

At this time, Microsoft (aka MS) is investing a good amount of resources to prepare developers and make them produce really good and strong apps.  so, I’d like to share with you, some of the MS resource I’ve seen on the Web, and I’ve considered good enough to be shared 😉

Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch (form )

It’s basically two-day meeting about WM7 and all the development processes. Planned to let developers know how to create, and publish their apps.

Windows Phone Controls ( from )

A  collection of Windows Phone controls of different providers.

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  1. We just started to enjoy Silverlight and then a bit of XNA development on WM7.
    Then got stuck on building and applying a Terrain Map for our WM7 game.
    It appears that WM7 does not support custom shaders, so we cannot properly Texture to Terrain maps.

    So our WM7 Project has failed, and we stop development for the WM7 platform. Rather sad after all the hype.

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