Month: July 2010

Understanding Map / Reduce functions


I’ve been reading about how to code more efficiently some programs, and some of them have throw a concept know called “map/reduce”. It’s based on functional programming, so it’s not like the newest thing on Earth. However, it’s important to understand it in order to take advantage of it.

During my readings in order to understand it, I found the following code which explains in a very clear and verbose:


XNA 4.0 beta and Swf2Xna


I was reviewing a couple of feeds from and I found two very cool news. The first one is about the XNA 4.0 beta has been released, and it includes a new Touch API which detects gestures 😉

See some information at:

The second news I’ve found it’s about an open source project called Swf2XNA (quite amazing!), so you will be able to run Swf application (aka flash app) in you Xna platform (Xbox, Windows OS, Zune or Windows Mobile 7), … quite good! isn’t ?

That’s all for today!

Enjoy it

What it’s really hapenning when you search on google

People form LifeHacker ( mentioned about the Google’s workflow when a search is performed.
If you are curious, you can check it at: