Windows Mobile 7, Silverlight and XNA


Today at Mix2010 it was revealed the oficially the Windows Mobile 7 SDK. As expected it’s possible to create applications using two of the most popular frameworks.

XNA: It’s like a nice wrapper for DirectX. So, very intensive graphics, sounds and high performace applications can be built on this framework. It’s important to mention that XNA does not include (at least in previous versions) a GUI library, so it’s not like a RAD framework.

Silverlight: Silverlight is light framework for developing rich and interfactive applications. Particularly Windows Mobile Supports a special subset of Silverlight 3 (currently the Web Version of Silverlight is reaching number 4). BTW, I mean with a special subset that this Silverlight mobile does not support all the features of SL3, and also it includes features that are special for Windows Mobile.

What next??

In the mean time I’ll  have to continue learning about python and Google application’s engine. However my friend Antonio Baker (aka arbot) has publish a small sample where he show how easy is to create applicatinos with this new SDK (using blend and the phone simulator). Check it out at

I’ve collected some topic from the MSDN site that I consider might be important wherther or not you have had experience with silverlight.

Getting Started Guide for Developing for Windows Phone

Code Samples for Windows Phone

Porting SL Apps to SL Mov Apps

Reactive Extensions for .NET Overview for Windows Phone:

Media on Windows Phone

Optimizing Windows Phone Emulator Performance

How to: Handle Manipulation Events



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