Google App Engine


Today, I’ve started a new assignment, it’s about learning the Google Application Engine (aka GAE), and BTW I’ll have to write Python Code.

At most of the newbies guys, I’ve started following the Getting Started Project at GAE’s home page (see

The Getting Started is a good way for knowing the most basic capabilities of the Google’s Cloud. I would like to mention some of the features of the Google’s cloud:

  • Storing Data.
    My college David Mora from Schematic mentioned that Google has adopted an implemented of  NoSql model (see ) instead of the traditional Relational Model. The particular implementation is known as BigTable. Because of It’s a cloud environment there are concepts such as Load balancing are redundancy handled  by the Database framework.
  • Support for Python and Java.
    Applications can be  developed using Python and Java. Additionally, it’s possible to take advance of frameworks that are currently installed in the Google’s servers.
  • Eclipse and Google App Engine:
    There isn’t a official tool for development, except for the Google App Engine Launcher (aka GAEL). GAEL lets users develop locally in a sandbox, and prepare everything for a easy deployment to the Google’s cloud. Besides, It’s possible to use Eclipse and plug ins for a more robust (and free) developing environment.  (see
  • Services: There are a lot of services available for developers. Users can take advantage of these service to create more colorful applications. For example, it’s possible to use Google Account service, Memcache, XMPP, among others.

Currently, all Google users can open a free account, and create their own content. The GAE’s home provides a lot of documentation , which makes difficult to select where to start :-S.

Well, that’s my first step in the Google’s Cloud, and the Google’s Application Engine. I hope to post more detailed information in future posts.


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